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Roofing Fort Myers? Are you in need of Fort Myers-based roofing services? Is your current roofing outdated or damaged? That may be a constant source of anxiety, as it could cause leaks or collapse.
When roofing issues emerge, people often feel unsafe even in the comfort of their own homes. Our experts possess the skills required to get you through this hurdle. 

Our professionals have garnered experience over a span of three decades and are experts at setting up and removing roofing materials. We leverage our expertise on a daily basis in order to complete various roofing projects to the highest standards.      

If you have decided to replace your roofing, the next step is to choose a material. Our experts will tailor a custom plan for you in line with your preferences when we initiate the replacement process. During this stage, we will install a brand-new roof after removing your existing one. We then meticulously inspect the roofing system to ensure that it meets the highest standards. 

We highly recommend installing a new roofing system, as it is certain to mitigate damage such as malfunctions and leaks.  

Further deterioration and damage to any roofing that is outdated can be actively prevented by acting immediately. The decision to avoid replacing your roofing system may lead to bigger consequences, such as chips, cracks, and further damage and deterioration.  

Hurry up! Get in touch with Roofing Fort Myers on (786) 981-1926 and retain your home’s integrity.

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Roofing in Fort Myers

Is your existing roofing bothering you? It may be time to replace it, since roofs that are old or have sustained damage could cause various issues, including leaks.    

Roofing problems can be extremely anxiety-provoking to homeowners since they are capable of impacting the overall safety of your house. Thankfully, with our expert solutions, this is one less thing you’d have to worry about in life.

At Roofing Fort Myers, our professionals who have more than three decades of experience are equipped to install various types of roofing. Across Fort Myers and the surrounding regions, our experts work on various roofing projects on a daily basis.

If you choose to replace your roof, we start by assessing your existing roof thoroughly, before devising a custom plan. The plan would involve the process that would be employed to install a new roof after removing the existing one, before inspecting the newly set up roof thoroughly.   

It is never a bad idea to install new roofing. It is a definitive way to get rid of your anxieties concerning damaged roofs and leeks, so you can lead a more peaceful life. If you believe that you are dealing with outdated or damaged roofing, we recommend addressing it immediately in order to sidestep potential complications in the future. 

Want your home to be a place where you can wind down without any worries? You can get in touch with us. We would be happy to address your queries or help you book a roofing appointment in Fort Myers. Please get in touch with our experts on (786) 981-1926.

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Types of roofing

Different types of roofing

In today’s constantly evolving market, it is unsurprising that there are different types of roofing. Typically, pitched roofs and flat roofs are considered the two broad categories of roofing.

If you opt for a flat roof, you have a host of choices in terms of the material that is used. For instance, a roof made of modified bitumen, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing and PVC roofing, are all choices that are available. 

On the other hand, a pitched roof can be set up in the form of metal roofing, roofing slates, tile roofing, bitumen roofing or asphalt shingles.

Are you looking for experts who can replace your roof? You are at the right place. Get in touch with our experts on (786) 981-1926 and let Roofing Fort Myers help you!

Flat roof

Types of roofing flat roof

Looking for roofing solutions for your flat roof? You can opt for one option among these four available materials: a roof made of modified bitumen roofing, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing or PVC roofing.

It is pertinent to consider how the weather conditions may impact the roof when you choose a flat roof since weather conditions tend to impact flat roofs more than pitched roofs. 

This can be attributed to the fact that in the case of a pitched roof, water flows down, while water tends to stagnate on a flat roof until it evaporates. Therefore, the lifespan of a flat roof shrinks at a quicker pace than a pitched roof.

Want to set up a new roofing in your house? Roofing company Fort Myers’s experts are ready to help you on (786) 981-1926.

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Modified bitumen roof

Modified bitumen roofing

Modified bitumen is widely used in the construction of flat roofs, because of its plasticity and water-resistant attributes. The process of crude oil production leads to the creation of bitumen.

There are various measures that can be undertaken to install bitumen on your roof. Typically, heating bitumen can facilitate the installation process as it helps make the underlayment softer. The cooling of the underlayment enables the bitumen to stick to your roof. It is crucial to point out that a bitumen layer can also be glued to your roof.  

The process of installing a modified bitumen roof is straightforward – one or several of its layers are laid out in loose strips. This process of laying out the material simplifies repair work, whenever necessary. 

The significantly high tensile strength of modified bitumen coupled with its ability to remain waterproof makes it a suitable material for roofing. Furthermore, it is also considered to be significantly energy efficient, since it is resistant to UV. 

A roof composed of bitumen typically lasts for two to three decades. Following this period, it may become more prone to leaks and cracks. Thus, it may be wise to replace your roofing after this timeline. 

If you are on the lookout for a roofing company based in Fort Myers that is skilled at laying out modified bitumen roofs, get in touch with Roofer Fort Myers on (786) 981-1926.

EPDM roof

EPDM roofing

Flat roofs are also frequently set up using EPDM, which combines Ethylene, Propylene, and diene terpolymer. In other words, synthetic rubbers are used to create this material.

The strength and elasticity of EPDM help it stand out and enable it to remain resistant to various weather conditions. Hence, it is considered a material that is suitable for flat roofing.  

Furthermore, the UV-resistant nature of EPDM also contributes to its popularity as a material for roofing. The maintenance work required to sustain it is also minimal and it is known for being crack-free. Another layer of EPDM may be incorporated in order to repair an EPDM roof in case of any damage. 

It is also important to note that roots cannot grow through EPDM and as such, if the objective is to grow a green roof, it is often perceived to be the ideal material. 

While an EPDM-based flat roof is certainly more expensive than the other options available on the market, its significantly longer lifespan – 25 to 30 years – sets it apart from the rest.

Interested in using EPDM for your roof cover? Roofing Fort Myers experts are ready to help you out. Simply get in touch with them on (786) 981-1926 and allow them to devise a plan that aligns with your needs.

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TPO roof

TPO roofing

In recent years, commercial and industrial projects have been widely leveraging Thermoplastic Polyolefin roofing (or TPO roofing), which is a form of single-ply roofing membrane.

The fusion of various reinforcing and filler agents such as rubber and ethylene creates a membrane that is durable and flexible, which is used for TPO roofing.

In addition to their durability, TPO roofing membranes are widely used because they are resistant to tears, punctures, chemicals, and UV rays. Due to their incredible weathering attributes, they can be used across a wide range of climates.  

The flexibility of TPO roofing membranes enables them to settle without causing any tears or cracks, while also accommodating the movement involved in building work. The long lifespan of this roof is attributed to this flexibility, which also mitigates the requirement for maintenance and repair.   

In sum, since TPO roofing is durable, energy-efficient, and easy to install, it is widely used in commercial and industrial projects for roofing. It is considered an eco-friendly solution that is also cost-effective.

PVC roof

PVC roofing

A Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) roof may also be used to establish a flat roof. In fact, floors, doors, toys, and other objects are constructed using PVC.

The elasticity of the material enables it to expand and shrink without any hassles, minimizing the risk of sustaining any cracks. As such, it is often resistant to changing weather conditions. 

PVC roofs are considered eco-friendly and sustainable since they are entirely recyclable. The thinness of the material also ensures that minimal weight is placed over the structure of the roof.  

Installing a PVC roof is also relatively easier since glue is used to adhere it to the roof as opposed to burning it. However, it is a labor-intensive task. The lifespan of a PVC roof is usually 25 years.

Looking to replace your PVC roof? You must contact Roofing Company Fort Myers to avail of our seamless solutions.

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Pitched roof

Types of roofing pitched roof

Pitched roofs are extremely common in homes and its most prominent advantage is its drainage. Since the roof is sloped, rainwater flows downward without any hassles. Thus, it avoids the issue of stagnation of water.

Furthermore, unlike a flat roof, a pitched roof is often visible externally. Thus, aesthetics also play a role when it comes to a pitched roof, while a flat roof is all about practicality. 

Looking for a reefing replacement to improve your pitched roof? It is time to get in touch with our professional roofing company in Fort Myers.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles

Residential construction projects often make use of asphalt shingles (composition shingles) when it comes to roofing. Because of their versatility, durability, and affordable prices, asphalt shingles are homeowners’ top choice.
Primarily, asphalt shingles are divided into two categories: fiberglass and organic. To create organic shingles, recycled paper is soaked and saturated in asphalt. Hence, they are not an eco-friendly option. On the other hand, the lighter fiberglass shingles are resistant to fire and moisture. 

The three popular styles of asphalt shingles are luxury, architectural, and three-tab shingles. As the name indicates, three tabs make up three-tab shingles, while architectural shingles are more dimensional. Since the latter are layered, they resemble slate or wood. 

In addition to their durability, asphalt shingles are renowned for being weather-proof. Their tolerance to wind, rain, UV exposure, and hail makes them a popular choice for roofing. But it is crucial to note that climate, the installation process, as well as the quality of the material can influence their overall lifespan.   

While it may be a good idea to periodically inspect your asphalt shingles roof, this type of roofing generally functions on minimal maintenance, such as assessing it for signs of damage, replacing shingles that have been damaged, and keeping the gutters clear of debris.  

Need a roofer in Fort Myers skilled at setting up asphalt shingles to enhance your roof? Contact our experts on (786) 981-1926.

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Metal roofing

The last few years have witnessed a rise in the use of metal roofing, due to the low cost of the material. Roofing sheets are also extremely diverse in terms of finishes, colors, and shapes.
Additionally, they also look distinct and sleek and the installation process is typically very easy because of the pliable material. 

The long-lasting nature of the material coupled with the fact that it requires minimal maintenance makes it a popular choice. It is not uncommon for roofing sheets to last anywhere between two to five decades based on the material that is used. 

On the lookout for a roofing company in Fort Myers that is skilled at laying out roofing sheets? Cal (786) 981-1926 to schedule an appointment with Roofer Fort Myers.

Roofing slates

Roofing slates

Do you want your pitched roof to catch the eyes of passersby? You might appreciate a slate roof since it is ideal for those who appreciate a sleek look. The low maintenance costs coupled with a slate roof’s durability and storm resistance are added advantages that you must take into account.  
The process of installing a slate roof is very challenging and time-consuming. The installation process requires the slate roofs to be laid over one another to a great degree.    

While it may be expensive to install a slate roof, its lifespan averages between 30 and 100 years.  

Still unsure? Get a quote from us for no cost at (786) 981-1926. We, at Roofing Fort Myers, would be delighted to improve your roofing with a slate roof.

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Tile roof

Tile roofing

Tiles are used to cover a significant proportion of pitched roofs, because of their relatively low cost and easy installation process.
Ceramic roof tiles and concrete roof tiles are the two available options in the market, with the latter being relatively cheaper and easier to install.  

On the other hand, ceramic roof tiles are created by using high temperatures to fire up clay. Although they are more expensive in comparison to concrete roof tiles, their lifespan is longer.  

In general, roof tiles last anywhere between 30 and 50 years. 

Do you want roof tiles to layer your roof? Or do you need to replace your damaged roof tiles? You should get in touch with the experts at Roofer Fort Myers for an unparalleled service. Contact them on (786) 981-1926 today.

Bitumen roofing tiles

Bitumen roofing tiles

Both commercial and residential projects make use of bitumen roofing tiles, which are commonly referred to as asphalt shingles. In addition to being cost-effective, these tiles are long-lasting and serve a wide range of functions. As such, they are commonly used by homeowners.
Organic materials or fiberglass are used to create bitumen roofing tiles. Asphalt and ceramic granules layer these materials to ensure a variation in color, while also protecting the roof from UV rays. Finally, the shingles last longer because of these coatings.  

While bitumen roofing tiles may use organic materials or fiberglass as their base, it is important to understand how they differ. The latter are lighter, more fire-resistant, and offer enhanced protection against moisture. Organic shingles are not as eco-friendly, while also being heavier since they use a fusion of asphalt with recycled paper. 

The maintenance requirements of bitumen roofing tiles are minimal. However, inspecting them on a regular basis improves their lifespan. We highly recommend keeping the gutters clean, evaluating the tiles for signs of damage, and replacing the shingles when necessary.  

Get in touch with us on (786) 981-1926 for assistance with laying out bitumen roof tiles.

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Different options

The market offers a wide range of roofing materials today and each material may differ in terms of durability and cost per square meter. It is pertinent to cautiously consider each of the available options.
We also recommend seeking the opinion of experts regarding the type of roofing that is optimal for your roof. For instance, the structure of your roof may prove to be a deterrent for a specific roofing style.  

If you want to learn more about your existing roof and the roofing style that it could align with, contact Roofing Fort Myers on (786) 981-1926.


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Every job is different. That is why we look at the costs per job.

Many factors are important in determining the costs. These include the type of work, the material, the size of the roof, the accessibility of the roof, and so on.

After we inspect your roof, you'll receive a free estimate. Do you agree? Then we'll perform the work.

Emergency repairs or small jobs are done right away. For larger jobs, we schedule another appointment.

Would you like a roof inspection? Then contact us quickly at (786) 981-1926.

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Has your room sustained any form of damage? Maybe you are looking at a leak that is causing water to seep into your house. We, at Roofing Fort Myers, possess the skills required to resolve this issue.

Our experience spans over 30 years, during which we have assisted innumerable clients with roofing work. We offer assistance with both flat and sloping roofs and we are experts at fixing leaks and performing other roofing repairs.

Wondering how to navigate the issue of roof damage? Get in touch with Roofing Fort Myers now.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of work do you do?

You can reach us for the construction and renovation of roofs. We also perform roof inspections. If you have damage, we can also perform a roof repair!

In which region are you active?

We are based in and around Fort Myers. If you also stay around here and are looking to schedule an appointment, you can contact us via (786) 981-1926.

How do I know what the cost will be?

The exact job will determine the overall cost of roof repair, including its scale and nature. Minor tasks cost less than extensive jobs.  

The time required to complete the task and the cost of the equipment and materials used also contribute to the overall cost of the repair.

Remember that it is important to repair your damaged roof as soon as you notice it. If you delay this crucial job, the condition of your roof will deteriorate over time, and over the long run, you will have to bear the expense of significantly drastic damages. 

If you would like to learn more about the cost you may incur, you can contact us on (786) 981-1926.

How can I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by filling out this form or call us at (786) 981-1926. A colleague from Roofing Fort Myers is ready to serve you!

What to do when my roof is leaking?

The moment you are faced with a roof leak, the first thing you need to do is look for the source of the problem. Ask yourself where the leak is and then try to find out what caused it.

When you have that clear you can try to seal the leak. You may want to use Waterstop for this. Waterstop is a product with which you can stop the leak temporarily. If you are unable to stop the leak, try to collect as much water as possible in a bucket or a large tarpaulin.

Then enlist the help of a professional roofer. When he is on site, he will briefly investigate the problem in order to then fix it properly. That way, the leak will be fixed in no time.

Don't wait too long to call in a roofer. A roof leak can cause extreme damage both indoors and outdoors in no time.

Do you have a leak on your roof? Then don't wait and contact us right away. We can be reached at (786) 981-1926.

When does my roofing need to be renovated?

After all, roofs last forever. Each type of roofing has its own lifespan. When this duration is reached, the quality of the roofing will quickly deteriorate and the likelihood of damage and leaks increases significantly.

For example, it is possible for the roofing to dry out. This can cause cracks and fissures in the roofing. In the case of a bitumen roof, it is possible for blisters or air particles to enter the material.

Many people use a roof renovation to also immediately add a new layer of insulation. Installing a new/better layer of insulation in your roof will save on your energy consumption. This is good for the environment and for your wallet.

Are you experiencing recurring problems? Are there certain repairs that needed to be done several times in a short period of time? Even then it is advisable to have a renovation done to get rid of these problems.

Feel free to contact Roofing Fort Myers at (786) 981-1926 to make an appointment.

What should I do if my roof is damaged?
Get in touch with an expert roofer without any delay. Minor roof defects often transform into bigger issues within a short period, leading to gaps and cracks that damage your house permanently.

Thus, you must seek the help of an expert when you notice roofing issues. Please get in touch with us at (786) 981-1926. As you wait for the professional to arrive, try to resolve minor issues using repair paste to seal any chinks.

How will you renovate my roof?
The first point to consider is that every roof is unique. Your existing roof coupled with your ideas for your new roof will allow us to create a plan that will address the roofing material to be used, the steps to be taken, and in what manner.

The existing roof is then eliminated. To do so, the roofing material is first taken down. If required, the structure of the current roof may also be removed. Note that a roof’s foundation is its structure, which is made up of the beams within your roof. Thus, it contributes to the overall robustness of your roof.

The structure of the new roof is then established and insulation is installed. Then, the roofing material you choose will be used to cover your roof. Based on the roofing type that is being installed, the method may vary. This holds true for the way in which the roofing material is applied as well.

The roof is ready once the roof covering is set up. We inspect the roof one more time to ensure there are no finishing defects and the seams and cracks are addressed.

If you convey your complete satisfaction, we clean up while you enjoy your brand-new roof.

What will be examined during a roof inspection?

When conducting a roof inspection, the whole roof is evaluated, which includes each individual component. The roofing quality is first assessed before identifying any existing cracks. We then verify if each part fits in its position without any issues and that there is no damage.

Your roof’s supporting structures are also inspected since they form the foundation of your roof. This way, we ensure that your roof can tolerate various weather conditions, since the roof may collapse in case of issues with construction.

Lastly, we actively check your entire roof to ensure that the quality of your drainage meets the standards. Your roof relies on good drainage to function efficiently. While your roof can hold water comfortably for a short period of time, stagnant water over a long period can result in a leak.

We also make sure that your roof’s connections are all robust and its seams are not prone to damage. You must ensure that these components are inspected on a periodic basis to ensure tight connection between various components.

Animal activity as well as plant growth can also cause leaks and thus, you must check your roof and clear any objects that exist there such as algae, plant growth, nests, twigs, and so on.


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